Atamanchuk Goose Hunting  Guides
Our Commitments

What we will promise you...

Our team of highly dedicated sportsmen will work to the extreme to put you onto the best fields we can find each and everyday.  We only save the best hunting fields for special clients, yourself, since there is only 1 group in camp at a time.  We will try our best to ensure you have a great hunt with many great memories of the landscapes, the birds and the comraderie (Stories with a bit of embellishment, and making sure we all know who the worst shot was in the group). 

We believe very strongly  that the Atamanchuk Waterfowlers will provide a hunting experience 2nd to none, thus we staked our reputation and our name on it.

What we can't promise...

We can’t promise excellent hunts with limits everyday,  We can’t promise perfect weather, and we can’t promise you’ll shoot great in Humboldt.

Our goal at Atamanchuk Waterfowlers is to give you such a great hunting experience that you will want to come back year after year, and will want to tell your hunting buddies about us when you get home.  We pray when you leave at the end of the hunt, you will leave as new friends, not just clients. 



A Message from Dave...

"Being involved with Ducks Unlimited Canada for 20 yrs, I understand that business success is dependent upon hard work, great experiences, and most importantly, great relationships  with landowners.  It’s the same with the Waterfowl Hunting Guide industry, and over the last 5 years I have been blessed with many great relationships with clients that I’ve guided, many of which have become family friends. I’ve developed dozens and dozens of good relationships with the landowners in and around Humboldt.  This will help ensure that we will be able to obtain permission to hunt their fields.  I’ve been in contact with many of them regarding our Waterfowl hunting business and they informed me that they will be calling us, to let us know when the birds are in their fields and to come and hunt them.   Waterfowl can cause massive damage to crops during the fall migration.  Hunting  the field is the best way to scare the birds enough so that they won’t return to cause anymore damage."

Having a Blast!

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